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A mancoon is a wild beast, one half fat man and one half racoon. The mancoon live in the woods and only come out during night, usually during bon fires. If you see their glowing eyes in the woods make yourself apperant by making loud noise to scare the creature away. If in close quarters with one or a group hide all pizza and babes, offer the coon a beer in hopes it will pass by. They often attempt to steal pizza, beers, and babes. During mating season they often pass gas to get the best racoon or man nearby. However if their attempt to mate fails because the stench be so gnarly they often blame the neatest passerby.

Although common in North America, the wild mancoon became extinct in Mexico and the U.S. by the 17th century, but wild breeding populations have recently returned in some areas, particularly Michigan, following escapes from camp sites.

In Greek mythology mancoon's are particularly well known. Believed to be decendents from the Greek wanna-be God known as scum-seros the first living man known to have intercourse with a racoon.

When in a group they are refered to as a convention... ya know like a gay one... mancoons are also gay... seros is gay...
Hey bro that mancoon is about to steal our za.

Put a lid on the garbage can other wise the mancoon's will cause a rukus

"hey, get that mancoon, he stole our beeeer"

"hey did u fart" "no it must have been that mancoon..."

hey doesnt that mancoon know thats not a babe hes trying to fuck it's just our friend seros..
by BOBelectric eel March 06, 2008
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