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An excuse for arriving anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours late to any party, meeting, or hanging out. Only exclusive to Filipinos, this is the standard time any Filipino will arrive to. Many people of other races hate it, because most of them will arrive on the marked time.
Jack: Dude, where's Nick?
Paul: Oh, he's on Filipino time. Expect him in a few minutes to a few hours.

- a few hours later -

Nick: Sup guys!
Jack: Dude, WTF? Why are you so late?
Nick: Filipino time.
by BISONpride December 1, 2010
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"What you doing now?" Usually said a few minutes after a boring conversation drags along. Related to wyd.
Jay: Wyd?
Mel: Nm really. Hbu?
Jay: Same.
Mel: Cool
Jay: So... wydn?
by BISONpride October 25, 2010
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