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Someone who has to enjoy a hobby while on the job because his girlfriend or spouse will not allow him to have a closet full of baseball cards OR a garage/basement full of model trains.
Hey Peter, what the hell is all this crap in your cubicle? Oh I collect baseball cards and model trains?
That’s cool, but why do you do it here at work? Here is the thing…………..My girlfriend wont let me have fun at home.
Oh Peter that’s too bad...

Man I hate to see another guy become a Jobbyist because of the vagina.
by B-Nizzle June 02, 2006

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A drink (soda,water,juice) from the vending machine retrieved by a co worker.
-Bervich? No thanks Joe.
-Bervich? Yeah I'll take a Diet coke.
-How bout you, Bervich? Oooh that sounds good. make mine a Pepsi
by B-Nizzle May 31, 2006

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A man who dresses "business casual" all the time, uses gangster slang and enjoys large rubber objects inserted in his afterend
Yo man, I used dudes bathroom and found all sorts of dildo's in the sink. Yeah man, you didn't know that "G" is a Plug Thug?
by B-Nizzle May 24, 2006

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