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internet acronym for anyway
a/w forget that topic!
by B-DblBizzle April 09, 2006

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One who participates in the Magnet program. The fag is especially true of ones who are either: gay, watch Star Trek, program their calculators, are geeks/nerds/dorks..., or a combination of these.
Yo man, that Rodencal kid is such a mag fag!
by B-DblBizzle April 09, 2006

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Program for "gifted students", but of course, some retards slip through the cracks. Magnet programs usually center around math, and science. Full of super-nerds and dorks. Although the education is excellent, the piles and piles of homework given to the students has transformed most of the already semi-losers to complete mole-like anti-social loners. Fortunately, some magnet students have managed to juggle magnet and other activities so as to not be a complete loser.
-Hey is that kid in magnet?
-Can't u tell by the huge calculator he has and how he has no friends?
by B-DblBizzle May 22, 2006

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