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A cyber cafe is a place where asians, and lonely white men go to play popular pc games.
Cyber cafe asian #1: la ho ma, diu lai ma DOTA DOTA DOTA!
Cyber cafe asian #2: lallalalala noobie white man play diablo 2, kekkekke
cyber cafe asian #3: I cant play right now im updating my xanga profile
by Azamat Bagatov November 05, 2006

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A skinny white pre pubecent teenager from the suburbs who says gay shit like "pop" (in reference to ecstasy), and listens to complete shit music, if it can really be called music. And by going to raves this gay white kid can escape his daily trauma that consists of his mother rediculing him for gelling his hair, and looking like a complete fagget. The so called "Raver" is really just a pussy who wishes he / she could be 'cool' in main stream society.

1) You are not cool for doing ecstacy, dont call it E or x, like a faggot.
2) Jumping around on drugs in a garbage hole does not make you cool.
3) You have a small penis
4) You're parents are ashamed of you
5) you drive a shitty car
Raver #1: I look so good
Raver #2: i hate myself
by Azamat Bagatov November 05, 2006

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