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Ramen (In this case a name of a person) is a intelligent, laid-back, athletic young man. You can easily vibe with this guy. He will always have your back no matter, he is literally the definition of LOYALTY.
by Ayeman7664 November 6, 2021
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Ahman is a loyal and caring friend. He can give so much love for so many people. He is very intelligent. He can be shy when you first meet him but he will be comfortable with you once you get to know him well. He is very positive as well. If your in a relationship with him he will detect wether your angry, sad, happy or anxious. He’s also low key a freaky and dirty minded. He would sexualize anything that comes to mind. He doesn’t matter what your looks are but mostly your personality. Also a intelligent fellow, he can ace any test in the world. If you need help with your work he can help you in a flash and gets it done easy. He is also independent when he is focused on his goals and will let nobody get in the way of his goals
“Ahman is so goddamn freaky in bed; so fine!”
by Ayeman7664 February 14, 2021
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