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Kimberly, in other words, she's HOT!!! Beautiful, charming, sexy, nice, sweet, cute, awesome, wonderful, out-of-this-world, fantastic, GORGEOUS! She can light up your world all over, just the way she gives you that smile. That laugh she makes every time you'd tell a retarded joke just to make her laugh, laughter of an angel, indeed. Her skin is so smooth, you'd wanna give her a hug EVERY day. Her favorite thing to do is to make everyone happy, and keep it that way, that's her specialty. She also loves music, and drawing, too. Her hair is also very smooth and nice, like a cute little Pomeranian dog. You can easily fall in love with her, in any way possible, she CAN make you fall in love with her. If you ever do get together, you will have eternal love for the rest of your life and afterlife. She is the definition of true love. <3
Kimberly, guess what, I Love You!
by AwshtehnLuvzTwinkiez December 18, 2010
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