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1. Person the drives a Hummer. 2. A man with a small penis. 3. An extreme douchebag. 4. A rich ass hole. 5. One who gives not a fuck about anything in the world, except for men's asses.
LeBron James is literally a hummer driver. Except for the penis part. He is black of course.
by AwesomeWordInventorSUCKIT September 08, 2010
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The AMERICAN way of spelling hors d'Ĺ“uvre (hors devour). You know, the fancy word for small appetizers (eg. Cheese and Crackers)
Hey Bill will we be having ordervs at the party.
by AwesomeWordInventorSUCKIT September 04, 2010
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Oakley sunglasses, but for bros only
1: Hey can I buy some Broakleys?
2: Are you a bro?
1: Yea megachill bro!!
2: Ok here's your Broakleys
1: Chill......
by AwesomeWordInventorSUCKIT May 22, 2011
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