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Said in lack of any other appropriate word; is appropriate in all situations.
Can sometimes be used as a simile replacement for awesome or epic.
Most commonly used as a standalone word.
Is also very similar to meow in that it can be used to end awkward silences or even just begin a conversation.
Mostly it is and should be used in alternation with meh.

*Must always be in capital letters.

*Is exempt from any grammatical rules and so can therefore be used with multiple exclamation marks or question marks.
*Does not make the user awesome and they should neither be treated as though they are nor be expected to become awesome from using it.
*Should NEVER be used in any sentence with Linkin Park in it.
"Wow, your guitar skills are like SHMAOW!!!"
"I was told the new Muse album out is like SHMAOW!!!"
by Awec May 19, 2009

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