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To be humble is to have a realistic, level-headed outlook on your own skills and accomplishments and duly acknowledging and respecting those of others.

For instance, in a competitive setting, being able to accept a loss and respect your opponent is being humble. Being able to say "I was outplayed. My mistakes were punished. I will not repeat them." is both an admission of self-error, and commendation of the opponent.

It is the capacity to take those, whether you know them to be less or more than you, seriously. It is only manifested in the absence of arrogance and it is what every sportsman should strive to be.

It's actually sad to see how uncommon of a trait this is.
Jake is humble, he may be the best chess player in our state, but when he had lost to an eight year old prodigy, he applauded him and encouraged him to continue improving - not upset or having lost dignity or self-worth by the fact that he had lost a mental battle to a kid.
by Avexus02 July 04, 2021
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