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A great game that is vaguely similiar to Grand Theft Auto IV, but different in many ways. The main differences are that Saints Row 2 is about gangs and not one person. You can customise your character, unlike in GTA4. The game is more cartoony than its "cousin", but has a longer replay value than it. You can do many side missions that allow you to join fight clubs or race or spray sewage on people or BE the cop and MUCH more. It has been given a bad rap, mainly because the people from Rockstar (the creators of GTA4, SR2's rival) have bribed all major game reviewing companies to say that this game isnt as good as Grand Theft Auto.
Guy 1: Hey wanna come over and play GTA?
Guy 2: Nah, that gets really old after you get done with the story and tthe side missions suck. I think ill stick with Saints Row 2, because its way better.
by AustinatorSR May 17, 2009
( adjective ) Used to describe someone who talks shit about you (99 percent of the time over the phone or internet because they're scared) but avoids you and wont say it to your face.
Stephen said he was going to beat up Austin and talked shit about him for weeks over the phone, but when they met face to face he tried to become friends with Austin because Stephen is all talk.
by AustinatorSR August 15, 2009