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(noun): when you do something awesome for a guy and let his reaction to the awesome thing determine if you have a future together
"Hey Amanda, did "bob" ever pass his bear test?"

"Why, yes, he sure did Sabrina. He saw a photo of a bear in a car and flipped out at how fantastic it was. Level One Bear Test... passed."
by Aunt Bina August 02, 2012

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(noun): when you do something purposefully like a bish (because sometimes people just need to be put in their place) and then you tell your bf about it. His response determines if you have a future together.

This test is to be used in conjunction with and only after you have successfully completed the Bear Test.
"Hey Amanda, did Pastry ever pass his Spicy Sister Test?"

"Why, yes, he sure did Sabrina. I told him about how I sassed and stared down the short guy at work while I was wearing heels. The bf responded with, 'That's totally his own fault.' He did well and now I know he can handle this spicy sister."
by Aunt Bina March 10, 2014

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