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Props: Short for 'propers' as in: Proper recognition, proper resepect.
Congratulation: The act of acknowledging that someone has an occasion for celebration
(@gaurav) i need a web proxy
(@gaurav) hello?!
(+attila) you mean a job, right?
(@gaurav) i see what you did there Vincent J. Brown
(@gaurav) propulations :)
(@gaurav) (props + congratulations ((c) 2005 - Gaurav Patel))
by Attila von Patel January 27, 2006

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One who is without pigment, or ethnically white. Usually to describe a person, it can also describe a location or thing that is without the presence of 'color'.

The word is used most, derogatively as well as affectionately (amongst friends and family), to describe white people.
(+attila) john smith
(+attila) that's almost as white as say, "Sean Mayer"
(@gaurav) sean mayer
(@gaurav) man
(@gaurav) it doesn't get much whiter than that
(fleet) sean mathew mayer
(+attila) Matthew kinda sounds like "NO-HUE"
by Attila von Patel March 10, 2006

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