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Taking an employee you have workign for you into a remote area and forcefulyl ramming your cock into their ass with no lubrication. It is best done after making them many promises of things you will do for them, but giving them nothing and leaving them bleeding from the ass and crying.
When Tony took me into the conference room I thought I was going to get a raise, but I got nothing but a Pomeroy Straight Fucking
by assrael October 06, 2009
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While banging a chick, you stick one of your thumbs up her ass and the other into your ass. You then pull both thumbs out and and surprise her by wiping them across her eyelids. Alternatively, you can do this to anyone if you are willing to stick both of your thumbs into your own ass and hitting them with it by surprise.
Frankson's stupid ass had me so riled up that I risked dissentary to slap him with some Cincinnati Mascara.
by Assrael February 06, 2009
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Sucking in the fart of a female and holding it in your mouth until you can blow it back into her own face. Highly recommended that you only do this for attractive women.
Tony thought she was hot, but she was annoying enough that he gave her a Cincinnati Shotgun.
by Assrael February 06, 2009
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Sticking one or more fingers into your own ass (preferably at least to the second knuckle) and swirling said fingers into an unsuspecting victim's drink. Best done with a darker colored drink as a flavor enhancement.
Gayring really pissed me off this week, so today I turned his water into a stinky tea.
by Assrael May 02, 2011
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