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When your ass starts to come to pain, and cuases major swelling. It's a big pain in the ass.
doctor: Okay, drop your pants so I can examine your prostate... HOLY SHIT!!! WHATS WRONG WITH YOUR ASS?!?
Person: I have a major Ass Therb. You didn't think I would come for a prostate exam, rght?
by Ass Therb Expert January 01, 2010
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When everything is totally screwed up. Its the act of witnessing everything going out of hand, and there is no fucking way(Not even God) you can control it. Never try to resolve it or you will get harmed in some way.
OMG, quit fighting you guys!!! (fighting continues, house is a mess) Oh great! Everything is all Kuma Satra!!!
by Ass Therb Expert January 02, 2010
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