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Hiady’s is a very loyal, goofy, and very straightforward. Their very pretty and hates those who are too clingy, toxic and gossips. Hiady’s are mostly crackheads and always make a big deal about the smallest things you tell them. Hiady’s are usually very organized and likes matching objects. Being their best friends would be the best because they give good advice and their mostly straightforward.
Hiady is so pretty.
Hiady’s are literally a bit magnet.
by Asian.rose December 06, 2019
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Yuritzya is a funny, outstanding and can be rude person. She’ll act like she didn’t do anything even she did. She shares her food “sharing is caring”. Yuritzya is a very playful person and can be really jealous. She’s always interested in drama and she’s flirtatious.
Yuritzya is MEAN.
Yuritzya broke my arm.

Yuritzya is sooo funny!
by Asian.rose December 13, 2019
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