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Norwegians are the utmost beings and are the well-suited superiors of every other nationality or heritage/ethnic group.

Norway is also home of the black metal scene and is also therefore that much better still than everyone else.

Dimmu Borgir is living proof of this.

If you agree with this, you must be a god among lesser gods. That means you also get a banana sticker.

Anyone who disagrees, is simply an uneducated little douche. Next time you have a thought, let it go. You're probably an italian and therefore no one cares what you think anyways, so please, if you have a complaint, write it down neatly on a piece of paper, fold it, separate your hairy little ass cheeks, and insert it into your poop shoot.
Norwegians own everyone else. Norwegians do everything better. Norwegians are the Chosen Ones.

Norwegians are smart.

Norwegians > You.

Norwegians > Everyone else.

There was one group of people created to rule them all. They are called Norwegians.

The only people equally as great as the Norwegians, if that is possible, are the Greeks.
by Artemis6x January 01, 2007
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