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The male version of the Feminazi. Usually claims that they hate females. They're just another skid mark on the underpants of society alongside feminazis, racists, and homophobes.

A lot of the "Men's Rights Movement" is made up of these people. Granted, there are others that just have the incorrect notion that feminazis are somehow feminists.
Male Chauvinazi also sounds cooler than Male Chauvinist.
by Archwisel III March 24, 2013
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A person that claims to be a feminist yet ignores the main point of feminism, equality. Pseudo-Feminists will tend to blather on about how terrible men are, or assume how men do not face social issues in regards to their gender. Not only can these issues include false rape accusations (although that's EXTREMELY rare), rape of men (which is actually more common than you'd think) Selective Service in the United States, and the pressure of masculinity (which is very much like the pressures of feminization that women face and not considered as often).

Just as how pseudo-feminists will frequently call acknowledgement of men's issues misogyny, many so called "masculists" try to generalize feminists by pseudo-feminists, in order to claim that feminism is misandric in nature. Of course, these "masculists" then ignore women's issues and prove to be nothing but hypocrites. If you misuse the term, you'll look stupid to any intelligent being.

There are well documented pseudo-feminists, one of which is the 'Femitheist Divine', a young woman that on her previous blogs had called for mass genocide of men. They try to claim to be feminists in order to have a sense of legitimacy.
Pseudo-Feminists are basically the gender-issue equivalent of a GSA member that hates heterosexuals. Or a Cancer Society volunteer that advocates smoking.
by Archwisel III March 7, 2013
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Users of the internet that are known for their Militant Atheism. Usually commenters on Youtube and /atheist/ Reddit, Internet Atheists will attack virtually anything related to religion. Hilariously enough, they are generally just as dogmatic as the religious.

Internet Atheists cannot come to terms with the fact that the claim of the nonexistence of deities is a belief. Instead, Internet Atheists claim that atheism is a lack of belief (which is actually agnosticism). Basically, Internet Atheism are the idiots among atheists.
Internet Atheists are basically an embarrassing piss stain to intelligent atheists.
by Archwisel III March 24, 2013
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