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An oversimplification of a point, concept, or idea, blatantly ignoring all normal rational reasoning processes and glossing over critical facts and nuances to futilely rebut a salient point with a banal, insipid non-response that not only adds nothing of value to the conversation but actually detracts and obfuscates, making everyone who heard it/read it slightly dumber.

It's reminiscent of talking to a cow, or some other ruminant animal that lacks higher brain functioning. Bovine level intellect + oversimplification = boversimplification.
Joe: "The Yankees may sign Kevin Towers to an advisory position. His experience in the game should be a big plus to the front office. Despite a small budget hamstringing his ability to bring in and keep elite talent, he built several good quality teams in San Diego. Luckily, however, he won't be in an authority position so he won't have final say on anything."

Lanny: "towers sucks. do u remember the the padres ever winning??? this move is dumb"

Joe: "That's classic boversimplification. Sure, Towers doesn't have a perfect track record, but who does? He's still a respected hire who adds way more than he subtracts. How can you be so obtuse?"

Lanny: "..."
by Archimedes Torquemada January 25, 2010
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Gin and tonic, the drink choice of champions. Respected the world over and enjoyed responsibly, The Crump Special is the embodiment of taste and refinement.
"I'll have a Crump Special!"
by Archimedes Torquemada September 17, 2008
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