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A term referring to a particular style of music in which the listener feels the overpowering urge to reveal there breasts.
Breastcore first began in the early 90s when underground artists began running experiments with the famed "amen break" and realized that within certain frequencies even the most conservative of listeners will be overcome by the urge to show their breats.
The term "breastcore" was first penned by breakcore musicians OBE (Born Oscar Bernard Erdringer) , Goatslacker (Named due to his fathers questionable species) and 0010100 (Some douche who was lying in the same ditch as the other two)

When the U.s government discovered his craze they immediately outlawed it because thats what they do with anything that involves a decent amount of boob.

However it is said that these three musicians ride throughout the night in search for the briefcase containing this lost "breastcore" frequency and can be seen in the background of one specific episode of friends... (I don't know which because I don't really watch that show but some guy down the road told me about it and it sounded totally awesome)

Many musicians have tried to replicate this sound but none have come closer than Tom Jones. Mr. Jones, who is famous for receiving women's underwear on stage throughout a concert developed this talent whilst trying to replicate the famed "breastcore" Frequency.
"hi gaiz, how can you make sum awesome breastcore beatz on lsdj? also where on google is the lsdj link?
Ktnx bye"
by Arcade Rivalry January 08, 2008
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