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Older wealthy women most often in Leopard skin attire, carrying fashion accessory small white dog desperately trying to look young. Most often seen in St Tropez.

Named after a local patisserie made from sponge and stiff custard sprinkled with sugar crystals.
At first I thought she was young but when I got closer I could see that she was just a Tarte Tropezienne stinking of expensive perfume and mincing along in high heels.
by Aquarama December 25, 2010
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The law of accumulating catastrophe. Often applied to nautical situations. Often a disaster beginning with one simple error that causes a domino effect.
Bill was sailing along when a shackle parted on the jib stay. The mast fell over the side. When Bill tried to engage the engine, the prop picked up some of the rigging and stalled. The wind and current pushed his boat until it ran aground on the beach. He had become an unwitting victim of Beare's law of accumulating catastrophe.
by Aquarama January 05, 2011
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