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The day retards will commit suicide because they thought the world would end since an ass named Nostradamus said so over 3000 years ago. You have permission to go to Walmart and scream I told you so into the faces of children.
Mark: Hey Lloyd! Did you know the world is going to end tomorrow?
Lloyd: No, fuck that shit, me and Veronica are going to go to six flags.
Mark: The end is near, Lloyd! You'll be sorry!

~Somewhere in an underground bunker~
Mark: T-they're wrong.I-I'll be the only one.
~Somewhere at Six Flags~
Lloyd: Hey Ronnie, the world didn't end, wanna make out?
Veronica: Sure Lloyd!
*They do so*
---- December 22, 2012 ----
Lloyd: Hey Ronnie,
Veronica: Huh Lloyd?
Lloyd: Wanna Shout I told you so into the faces of children?
Veronica: I'm up for it if you are!
Mark Baxter was never seen again.
by ApocolypseNo December 18, 2012
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