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Anyone who has watched her show must know that Tyra reverts all conversations back to herself and her experiences. When you are in a conversation with someone and you revert it back to your experiences (making it about yourself) without thought to what the other person is saying, you are pulling a Tyra.
friend 1: OMG, last night I had this big fight with my mom over my boyfriend...

friend 2: Oh I know, when I fought with my mom over my last boyfriend...

friend 1: When I was on the bus the other day...

friend 2: (cutting in- pulling a "tyra")...one time, when i was on the bus, this weird man....
by Aoife21 December 25, 2007

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When an irish man hits a woman and she's left with a black eye, or an "irish kiss".
"Tings went pear shaped last night cause me man gave me an irish kiss."
by Aoife21 December 25, 2007

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