3 definitions by Antonius Bui

An Emperor of the once great Arcadian Empire. He has fought countless battles. He is honorable, smart, intelligent, sexy af, but now has been reduced to being an admin on a Panem Minecraft Server.
by Antonius Bui February 5, 2021
The sacred religion of the Arcadians. Buiism involves the simple belief that there is a cycle of Life and Death and that cakes are the superior dessert.
"I am a believer of Buiism. Better that then worshipping a prism."
by Antonius Bui February 5, 2021
A Minecraft RPG server set in the world of Suzanne Collins' book series: The Hunger Games.
"Aww dude! Have you been on Panem Forever?"
"Yeah bro. I love seeing children starve to death."
by Antonius Bui September 22, 2020