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Will put up a show for you and then in the end break your heart. Deceiving and a liar. Conceited and protects only himself. You don't want him as a boyfriend beacuse he will lie to you confuse you and tear your heart into a million pieces and then say sorry and ask for you to take him back. Will make you believe that your his one and only , when he's secretly using you with his so-called bestfriend when they really like each other. When you stop talking to them both , they can't figure out why and cry and be sad about it. Will cry to fool you and tell you everything that you want to hear only for you to find out that he's a lie and only wanted your brains or your body. Has a very small penis and doesn'y know how to do nothing in bed.
Person 1: I love Orrin.
Person 2: You better watch out. He's gonna break your heart.
by AntonioBabe May 12, 2013
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