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This is the word of choice for Northern Irish female chavs.
The first thing to note about a milly (or millbeg, as chavs, steeks & spides like to refer to them as) is the sports attire (shellsuits and other tracksuit-like goods are the preferred choice of clothing). Another noticable sign that you might have picked up with a milly is an orange glow to their skin and large amounts of jewellery hanging from their necks and hands. While on the subject of jewellery it is also worthwhile mentioning that they can carry rather large weighted ear-rings on their ears (this has baffled scientists for decades as to how they do this, one of lifes mysteries) A typical milly is rather heavy set and some can even look hideously disfigured, although, you may still see them pushing a pram, and believe it or not, the pram may contain a child. Generally if they're not pushing a pram they'll be heavily pregnant with one of the local hoodlums children. Sadly (or not sad enough) a milly will never end up happy with a man (choosing a chav instead who will frequently beat them in an attempt to release his frustration after a day at the betting office and local pub, knocking back pints of Stella Artois with his "Dole" money) as they tend to have rather bad tempers and do not conduct themselves the way a sane person should. This therefore causes them to cheat the benefits system and usually leads to social services having to remove their 8 or 9 (and sometimes 10) children from the council house to ensure that the offspring do not adapt their mothers behaviour and attitude.
Other attributes to note are large clumps of (stolen or knocked off) make-up applied unevenly to the face, fake tan lines, hair brushed back to bleeding point and a constant "smacking" of chewing gum, along with chewing gum bubbles being blown for no apparent reason.
The most popular location to catch a glimpse of a milly is the local benefits office. Be wary though, they're very easily inpregnable so even a quick look into their eyes can cause conception. If that wasn't enough to worry about, they may also be signing on with their current boyfriend (the one they claim doesn't live with them but actually does) and he may have his pitbull terrier on lead.
It has to be said, avoid millys at all costs. They truely are obnoxious people who, and I say this with a sympathetic tone, are just crying out to be put out of their misery.
I fuckin' caught Zoe eatin' a sausage roll bap, the fuckin' milly!

Tasha's only fif-fuckin-teen and she's havin' her third child!

Here's me, "Wha! Aye yer da!" An' then I let 'im buck me!
by Anti-Chav/Milly Man! September 11, 2008
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