3 definitions by Anthony Fleck

1. An exclamatory term used to describe surprise, excitement, anger, or pain.

2. Used to describe a state of unpleasantness or discomfort.

Abbreviated FNP and pronounced "effinpee" as an abbreviation.
1. (Stubs toe) "Ahh fingernailpiss that hurt!"
2. "Fingernailpiss, you scared me!"
3. "She looks like fingernailpiss."
4. "FNP! I forgot to turn in that homework assignment!"
by Anthony Fleck April 2, 2008
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To do a particularly nerdy activity such as playing a videogame, writing computer script, or doing math problems, and zoning out while doing them.
Oh, sorry i was nerding out there.

Try not to nerd out this time, ok?

Oh fingernailpiss, he's nerding out again.
by Anthony Fleck April 11, 2008
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Television. Another word for T.V. Basically refers to the tendency of idiots to watch stupid shows, and the tube part refers to the "cathode-ray tube" display technology used in many current and older type television sets.
Well, it looks like he's nerding out on the idiot tube.

Fingernailpiss!The idiot tube is broken!

Then I totally zoned out on the idiot tube for the rest of the night.
by Anthony Fleck April 13, 2008
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