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A simplistic form of "music", involving the extremely basic drum beats (which are sampled, so really all you do is press a button). Features pathetic basslines and sampled keyboard pieces, with the occasional scratching disc. The focus of this style of "music" is actually the lyrics, apparently, because there is no actual talent involved in the rythmn section. The "music" sets out to make the "rapper" rap his words fast, which makes the words indistinguishable and they lose all meaning, most people have to actually read the lyrics to even grasp the meaning of the song at all.
:Rapper: My music is poetry!

:Musician: Then be a freaking poet and stop ruining the music industry with your lame excuse for "music". At least VARY your beats and add some SLIGHT complexity to your music. Do something original.

:Rapper: *owned*

by Anonymous99999123532 July 26, 2006

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