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A style of alternative rock that evolved from grunge in the mid-90's. Post-grunge employs the distorted guitar, vocal dynamics, and lyrical tone of traditional grunge music, albeit in a more radio-friendly manner.
Post-grunge can be plain hard rock or edgy alt-metal. A few post-grunge bands, like Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, and Godsmack cross over into Nu-metal.
Types of Post-Grunge:
Traditional Post-Grunge:
Foo Fighters
Matchbox Twenty

Heavy Post-Grunge:
Three Days Grace
Breaking Benjamin
Puddle of Mudd
3 Doors Down
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"Humor" that relies on shock value, such as sex or violence.
Dirty humor is not real humor but sleaze in disguise. Unfortunately, the massive amount of it in culture has brainwashed the world into thinking that true humor (the kind that doesn't nauseate you) isn't humor at all, and dirty humor is real humor.
Examples of media using dirty humor:
Encyclopedia Dramatica
Mad TV (most of the time)
South Park
Most of Comedy Central's programming.
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The other important British heavy metal band, next to Black Sabbath. They're a decent band, they're not godlike like most fans say, nor do they suck @$$ like the haters claim. Have you ever noticed that all the UD definitions of this band fall on the two extremes of opinion?
I mean, there are the people that drool on the band's shoes, and those that pi$$ on them.
Iron Maiden uber-fan: OMDG, Iron Maiden rule all!
Iron Maiden non-fan: Noooo, they suck big time!
*they argue*
Reasonable person: Iron Maiden are OK. They good, but not great.
Uber-fan and non-fan both: FAGGOT! Hey, we agree on something!
Reasonable person: *groans*
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The worst of Christianity. An embarassment to other, saner Christians.
Note to Christians: Never follow the example of Uber-Christians.
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A lunatic cult led by a jackass named Fred Phelps. The WBC is known for its endless condemnation of homosexuals. The church claims to practice the purest form of Christiantiy, a claim that couldn't be further from the truth. The WBC's ideology is based on a severe distortion of Christian doctrine. If Jesus Christ ever visited this "Church", he would probably be dismayed and horrified by its practices. Heck, even many evangelicals consider the WBC un-Christian.
The entire Westboro Baptist Church is bound for hell.
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