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A version of the Pokemon game specifically directed to players who are ethnically african. The purpouse of this games creation is to attract african-american people to the world of pokemon, considering the low rate of black pokemon fans (asian being the highest, followed by white/caucasians).
In order to accomplish it's objective, the game uses bad urban grammar with constant usage of hip-hop terms. Most characters of the game are also african, and the towns were switched for suburbian contemporary ghettos. However, the game does not seek to associate american black culture with crime, so there are no references to drugs, crime, rape, among other disfunctional behaviour.
Still, many protest agaisnt the realease of this game, claiming it is essentially racist by relating black culture to ghettos, and for the obvious reason of labeling black people in certain ways, as well as it's porpouse being racist itself.
Nintendo responded by saying: "We do not wish to offend black people in any way, and are aware that their culture is not reduced to what is represented in our game. Our game's feautures and black-urban design were only made to catch most young and teenage african-americans' attention. Plus, we are planning on realeasing a Pokemon White Version, as to not discriminate."
Whatever the view on this game, one cannot it ignore it's inherent controversy.
Rumours also hold that Snoop Dog is the Elite Four leader in this game.
Nigger: Yo I'm a buying dat Pokemon - Black Version, shit's crazee ass!

Educated Black Person: I'm not, since that game is racist and politically correct at the same time. It sickens me.
by AnonMaggy July 03, 2010

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