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Jihad, widely but perhaps loosely translated as 'struggle', a religious word that on a personal level is a spiritual struggle on a small-scale eveyday matter, the Jihad results in a form of abstinence, so to place a Jihad on selling drugs, is to recognise the immorality of the action, remind oneself not to sell drugs, or abstain from selling drugs if one already does so.
To rid yourself from an evil as such.
Religious Extremists might, I suppose, take the 'ridance of an evil' to such levels as a war on Infidels/corrupt Western civilisation but I have never met a Fundamentalist Muslim Extremist and so would not know.
I put a Jihad on Racists, I will avoid them and rid myself of racist thoughts or ideas.

I put a Jihad on Kentucky Fried chicken

My Dad thought it would be best to put a Jihad on my Religious Extremist Boyfriend, hence him not being allowed in our house.

I put a Jihad on farts.
by Annitahspv June 28, 2006
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