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Short for Annihilation which is short for absolute pwnage, nuff said.
Omg dude, Anni pwnt your face on friday.
by Annihilation February 21, 2006

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The amazing, wonderous, great, Annihilation is the one who pwns all noob's faces. He is the pwnage of EverQuest's GuildWars and all other EQ servers. The only way to describe his greatness is pwnage! He's the uberest of all uberness!
EQAnnihilation pwnt sixty-nine nooblets on Friday.
by Annihilation February 07, 2006

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An extremely awesome human being. He is known to destroy all living things and make thousands of people bow in his majesty. He is also known as amazing.
Jordan Leinenbach has a huge penis!
by Annihilation June 19, 2006

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