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At times can be stubborn and won't think. Funny. Tends to be nice to people, but can be annoyed easily and doesn't trust very well. Tends to have beautiful eyes. Unique and often called odd or weird but still very amazing. You wont find another woman like this. She can be hott and sexy and think she isnt all that hott. Has a very strong will, can do anything she puts her mind to. Is very beautiful and trustworthy. A goddess in human form.
1)Whoa that gurl is such an Anjanette!


1)Cuz she is so fine!
by AnjisMarshan April 13, 2010

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A strong independent woman who doesn't like getting help from others. Also she is very beautiful, sweet, amazing, kind, an amazing mother. She is known to be in long relationships and to have a great man by her side. She can be trustworthy, thoughtful, and caring. There is no other woman like her, she is outhere, fun, cute, great to be around, and can make anyone happy. Her personality is like no other and when your lucky enough to have this woman walk into your life, you never want to let her go. This woman can make any guy feel like a man. She walks like an Angel, Smiles like the sun, and kisses you with the lips of an Angel. Often is mistaken as an Asian woman, but is a nice strong young Latin woman. The Best Woman Out There.
Guy 1: Damn, that chick is too fine!

Guy 2: Yeah bro, that chick is Anjanette, Of course shes Fine.
by AnjisMarshan April 14, 2010

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