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Connected with the Soviet Union especially in regards to political, social, or artistic advances between the years of 1922 and 1991. Derived from the word "Maritime"
"Dmitri Shostakovich is my favorite Sovietime composer."

"The most famous Sovietime leaders were Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin."
by Andrew Tolson April 04, 2006

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To take something humble and make it awesome.
"My old computer was lame so I excaliburated it by adding more ram and a better video card."

"I plan to excaliburate my car as soon as I get a little bit of extra cash."
by Andrew Tolson April 05, 2006

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A clever observation used as an insult. A burn. Derived from the idea that the person doing the insulting is serving up a fresh plate of wit on your ignorant self. Providing much-needed intellectual sustenance for someone who is logically malnourished.
"That guy thinks he's the beard master but he looks like he's got pubes on his face"

by Andrew Tolson September 30, 2005

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