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To hit a Chinese Person.

A long time ago, four coffee makers (a Spanish, an English, an Italian, and a French) came together to make a new, SPECTACULARLY wonderful coffee drink. It took quite a long time to think of anything, because they wouldn't agree at all except on one thing; they all couldn't stand chinese people. Eventually, they decided to mix common ingredients from around a household to make their drink. To name it, they did the same thing; Mixed parts from all of their languages. Frappe, in French, is to strike. Chino is Spanish for Chinese. Obviously "a" is English for "a". And, because the Italian had no word to contribute, they agreed to spell it with an Italian flair. They decided their drink would be "to hit a chinese person"... Frappuccino!
Who would wanna Frappuccino? i.e. Who would want to hit a chinese person?
by Andrew Clevenger January 23, 2007
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