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The epitome of superpower in the twentieth century, and early in the twenty first. However, this economic growth was shattered by war-hungry conservatives who's eyes lit up as they realized the immense opportunity they had at riches in the Middle-Eastern Oil industry. So, as a result of this greed they staged an terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, the purpose behind this was to rally support behind the war effort so they could reap the benefits of the vast oil in the middle east. However, the "crusade" on terror, and oil was halted in its tracks with surprisingly tough resistance from the Taliban. Ex-President Bush was concerned, but arrogant so his administration persisted in it's "crusade". As time went on citizens became more impatient about the capture of Bin Laden, but the U.S. Billion dollar intelligence couldn't find a trace. This of course was just a cover-up of the real means behind the war, which was oil, but that too went up in flames when the U.S. announced the invasion of Iraq, country's began to withdraw support from the U.S. cause, and Saddam's scorched earth policy left no oil behind for the conservatives to use. Pride and fear of being found out kept the conservative administration persisting in the war, however they soon realized that the financial motivation behind the war turned on them, and that they had put us in debt over our heads. Without oil to repay the war debt, we just continued to spiral out of control. Now, years later, we have a Liberal Administration in office, but they are left with shambles of what this country used to be. The Conservative leeches nearly sucked this country dry of everything our forefathers worked and died to protect. With the economy in ruins, unemployment at a decade high, and the housing market in chaos, the future of the United States of America as a world power looks bleak at best and impossible at worst. In the future when one looks back at the history of this nation they will realize that corruption, and greed triggered it's demise. "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."
Ex-President Bush is scum, and we the people of the United States need to be informed of this coward, and menace that we let ruin our country.
by AnarchyInTheUsa June 02, 2009

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