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Institution of education after middle school. There are two aspects to high school although too often the mingle together. They are:


The classes are either Normal (meaning idiot) or Honors or AP something similar. Ridiculous amount of homework and boring lectures are put on teenagers with the single purpose of passing a certain standardized test or another. No learning actually takes place unless the studen actually sees the bigger pictures of the atom sized government filtered details of history, english or even math they are given. But of course if the student is truly learning then he is getting bad grades. Grades have never been related to learning and never will be. Memorizatino of facts is not learning. There are many rich white kids from educated families that do well in these classes. Tying into the social aspect of kissing teachers asses.


This is where most of the problems in high school come from. People will put on extremely fake personas or completely true personas in high school. They will spend many hours trying to impress others who are trying to do the same. A very negative environment for foreign, native, rich, poor, ... pretty much everyone. There are stereotypical groups but they all blend together in their desire of uniquiness/conformity. There are kids who excel in this environment. Usually very dilligent at doing hours of homework and studying while at the same time being active in school sports/activities. Such as drama geeks, sports kids, etc. Although not much is said about their success after high school.

All in all a very bad place that has little practical value other than pumping out hundreds of tired and NOT SO READY for life kids into colleges, but the lucky and bright few do come out and do well.
A shithole that has been molding forever in a rusty metal bathroom with maggots underground in an abandoned civil war prison where hundreds of young men died of gangrene and worse. Yeah it's that bad or good depending on how you look at it.
by Anand Baasanhu April 30, 2005

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