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Another way of saying Murphy's Law.

Presumably comes from the cynical idea that one expects something to go wrong and things are going exactly as planned, just using golf as the analogy.
Person one: I'm able to answer the telephone all day and the minute I step out of the house to get the mail, that's when they call!

Person two: Well that's par for the course.


It's par for the course that the second I'm stepping out the door for a date that I get called into work.
by An optimist with experience April 28, 2005
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In short, messing arround, wasting time (usually someone elses rather then your own) etc.

Like an employee going to do something, then chatting with another employee for ten minutes, finally doing the job, on their way back chatting with another employee for another ten minutes, turning what should have been a 10 minute job into a 30 minute job.

Another example is kids walking home from school, stopping every five minutes to play arround, turning a twenty minute walk into an hour long walk.
Damn it Bill, we could have had this work done an hour ago if you woulden't have spent the past hour farting arround.
by An optimist with experience May 28, 2005
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To put it politely, someone that is a jerk to a point where even jerks find the person annoying and/or aggravating to deal with.

In short, a person that is such a jerk that he or she makes even jerks look like nice people by comparison. Hence the name shit disturber; the idea being that even something as offensive as excrement would find the person offensive.
We were having a peaceful discussion on a message board. Although we couldn’t come to an agreement, we were able to end the discussion like mature adults and agreed to disagree. Just as we were at the stage of leaving it at that and moving on, some troll barges in and starts flaming both of us, igniting a massive flamewar that lasted for months before the moderators finally put an end to it. I’ve seen some offensive people in my life but before I encountered this guy, I’d met few people that would qualify as a shit disturber as this person does.
by An optimist with experience May 31, 2005
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A term students used in the 1990s. It's probably an evolution of the simular colloquialism browner.

Someone that is very smart and seems to excel at everything. The type that always seems to have some new project that requires exceptional intelligence to even plan, let alone implement.

The type a student will go to when they need serious help with a test/exam or project for a class they're doing poorly in. Although some may explain said subject in a way that that will have the person requiring help saying ‘in English please’, once they’re able to get on the same level with the person, a brainer can be a very valuable study buddy.
Person #1: Did you hear? Billy got Jimmy to be his partner for the big term assignment!

Person #2: Really? That lucky dog; Jimmy is a major brainer. With him as his partner, Billy is practically guaranteed an A!
by An optimist with experience June 06, 2005
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