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This term is used to describe a police cruiser with its lights flashing.
Hey, man, you'd better slow down! There's a disco pig up there on the side of the road, and he's pulled someone over and is writing them a ticket. You don't want to get ticketed like that poor bastard, do you?
by Amulya October 06, 2005
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An acronym, pronounced SURK-jah, which stands for "socially retarded computer junky".

This term is used to describe an individual who is inept in social situations and has a penchant for certain nerdy activities while expressing complete disinterest in other stereotypically geeky pursuits. In addition to being socially inept, this type of individual is addicted to computers and the internet and yet is not interested in console games, cartoons, or science fiction.

If you took "The True Geek Test" by Nick Ross and were classified as "The Simple Geek", then you are most likely a SRCJ.
Mark is such a SRCJ! He eats, breathes, and sleeps computers and spends all his spare time either reading about or surfing on the internet, but he doesn't like Star Trek, Star Wars, Sponge Bob Square Pants or Playstation!
by Amulya July 19, 2005
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