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A Recon Marine can speak without saying a word, and achieve what others can only imagine. SWIFT! SILENT! DEADLY! Reconnaissance Marines are the hardest mother fuckers on the planet. They remain humble, never expecting the fame or glory given to other branches special forces. They are the silent killers, the dangerous ones, the men who always have a plan to kill everyone they know. Recon teams are assigned the types of missions that the American public will never hear about, the missions that the government denies, in a country that American forces are not welcome. The Recon MART/BRC selection process is arguably the hardest in the United States Military. It pays to be a winner. Only the smartest and strongest marines are accepted into the recon training company. The Reconnaissance community is not a place for the weak or faint hearted.
"My men have a child like fear of the dark, for the men with green and black faces lurk in the night, these are not ordinary Americans they are called Recon Marines." -North Vietnamese commander Arizona Territory 1969 1st Recon known by Terry Taliban simply as "the sons of Satan"
by Amphibious0321 December 2, 2013
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