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a scene kid usually dresses in obserd outfits given for the weather outside or other events. they listen to emo music but more recently have begun to listen to "hardcore" and "thrash" to this music it is a scene kids job to flail and thrash in mosh pits and other dancing circles, this dance might seem obserd but is actually quite popular and can be found at all rock concerts. a scene kid can be identified by facial piercings, dyed hair, tight pants, bright clothing and or hair, a bandana, thick eye liner, a skateboard, and other items usually chactorized as "emo" the difference between emo and scene is that scene kids are more fun and enjoy living life and are trying to stand out rather then fade to the back of the room in a corner writing poetry. however it is ironic that both emo and scene are a fad going around that is against fads.
kid 1 "hey, did you go to hot topic to get that bandana?"
kid 2 "uhh no, that where the emo kids go, Im a scene kid. I went to pacsun and zumiez"
by Alyssaar August 27, 2007
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