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When a girl is laying on her back, feet and ass in the air, the guys legs are crossed with hers, standing over her, making an "X". Then while fucking her, he spins in a circle on each pump.

Variation: Alaskan Drill Press done in the snow!!!
This girl came over last night and said she was bored with the wheelbarrel, so I took her outside and introduced her to the Alaskan Drill Press!
by Alouicious July 04, 2009

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A state of intoxication. You are inebriated to the point where you lose all voluntary muscle control to the upper body such as, arms and head, but you can still walk fine.
We almost put my cousin in a straight jacket last night because he was so drunk I think he was afflicted with Reverse Paraplegia. He was walking around fine but his arms and head were flapping all over the place, so we had to cut him off.
by Alouicious August 29, 2010

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