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A notorious and funny song/dance which, when listened by someone for about 3 or more times, causes lss to them. The song/dance was first introduced on a Downy commercial on the TV. The song means, when you feel you're too smelly whether on a busy or a sporty day, you should rub some parts of your body with your hands. The ad is only in the Philippines.
TV commercial: Let's do the rub-ada-bango, Downy's rub-ada-bango, when you rub rub rub ang damit, bango, bango, bango mare-release!!!!

Alvin: (Sings together with the TV) bango, bango, bangooooohh!!!!!!!!!!!

Nena: Hey, Alvin, don't sing that song, it's very annoying, I think you have an LSS.
by AlnelExtreme November 14, 2012
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An adjective that best describes a person who is ultra-supah-tera-addicted to Psy or his songs, especially his singles Gangnam Style and Gentleman.
Girl: Oppa kangnam style! kangnam style, op, op, op! Oppa kangnam style!
Boy: (stares at the girl wearing meter-thick headphones, looks suspicious)
Girl: Mada, fada, gentleman! ah ma...
Boy: WTF! This girl must've been Psysick.
by AlnelExtreme June 04, 2013
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