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Kaiden Blake made his way to the internet at the early age of 10. As an escape from his very abusive and troubling childhood he started out by designing professional houses on The Sims Online and soon became a well known icon in virtual worlds. He ventured off to games like There.com and Second Life before he put his persona to use in the real world. He joined social networking sites like Myspace, Buzznet and Livejournal with the intention of getting his writing circulated out into the world. One of his mission was and still is to help victims of child abuse, mistreatment, and neglect. Giving troubled teens inspiration and hope around the world, his blogs were quickly successful at climbing to the top of the charts.

Unfortunately, the battles in his past were not quite over. His estranged father had deleted and hacked into all of his social networking sites, deleting them on two occasions, which deleted over 150,000 fans and supporters. Kaiden left the internet for awhile finally coming back in February of 2008. As an adult he was ready to get his career back on track. He was recruited for the Renegades of Style, an exclusive group of eight bloggers in total who were making an impact on the fashion industry with the hopes of touring across the country. The ROS disbanded shortly after Kaiden moved to California from his hometown in Detroit, Michigan.

Kaiden entered the modeling industry modeling for several clothing companies and was sponsored by one of Hollywood's most trendy salons, Hairroin Salon. Apart from his modeling and internet notoriety he was featured in an indie film, a music video (Katastrophe), spoken word video, as well as a documentary for the broadway show Forever Plaid which landed him on the red carpet. Unlike the other names in his line of work, he has maintained a very family friendly image. He was popularly quoted "It's nice that sex sells in the entertainment industry, but my sex nor my dignity is for sale." He was the only individual in the scene department of the industry who remained classy and did not exploit himself with nudity or foulplay.
"Kaiden Blake has to be my biggest inspiration ever!"
by AllyseInWonderland July 22, 2009

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