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Little Chicago refers to a city called Hamilton just North of Cincinnati in Ohio. It got its nickname in the 30’s due to Gangsters from Chicago building businesses and second homes in the city. Now a days when people say little Chicago they mainly refer to the East side of Hamilton which is over run with crime, Gang violence, and drugs. Where as the West side is often referred to as Hamiltucky.
Little Chicago is one of the last places I would want to live in Ohio, that and Cleveland.
by All things Ohio September 7, 2020
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Hamilton, Ohio is a city just North of Cincinnati called Lil Chicago, Manley due in part to Chicago gang leaders moving drug businesses to the area in the 30’s. The name and title of Lil Chicago is kept alive to this day due to the crime and gang activities on the east side of Hamilton. Other nicknames for this city include ham, h-town, the H and the west side of the city is often referred to as hamiltucky. For those in the city, west and East are often considered separate cities being split by a river with two completely different lifestyles, East consisting of mostly black Americans and Hispanic Americans making little to no income.
I would rather not move to Lil Chicago, nothing but crackheads and violence.
by All things Ohio September 7, 2020
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