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Dr. Beak is recognisable from his beaklike mask, cowboy hat and long cape.

He likes to sneak a bit of cannabis in his beak to relax on his daily excursions.

There is a 'Fit Boys' vampire porn in one of the pockets of his cape.

He wears Rudolph novelty socks.

He was created by two mooks

Fact: A bat urinated on him.

He has a Swedish accent and no friends apart from his boyfriend, Stella, who works in the local brothel.
"Do you vant fries with that?"
"Uh - yes please Dr.Beak!"
by Alimoook December 03, 2007
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A ginger is a result of a genetic mistake, commonly formed by two ugly people having sex.
They are easily recognised due to their pale skin and ginger freckles.
It has been said that rubbing two ginger people together at the head creates a flame. (This has been proven)
Most genetic mutations have no effect on the success of the individual, alas this 'gingervitis' mutation has lead to lonerism, freakism and other defects.
There is no known cure though hair dye products are a popular alternative to bearing a gingey barnet.

There is a Welsh folk tale that depicts a red haired heroine that seeks revenge on the Romans for getting jiggy with her daughter. She attacks the Romans, going all ginger and crazy, but they just get jiggy with her instead. No worries, she loves it.
"A bead of sweat trickled from his coppor brow and down his handsome face -
nah, only joking, he was a ginger minger!"
by Alimoook December 03, 2007
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