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A dumbass hypocrite trendwhore conformist asshole who can't think for his/herself. They like anything their friends like, like a band, and usually don't know any songs by that band. When you ask them they usually say they like all of their songs and never mention one.

They also like Anything thats popular and usually don't know any music beyond mainstream. Loves to jump on bandwagons and bash things other people bash. They love to be "cool", they will try to call YOU a poser, even though you aren't labeling yourself, like they are.

Oh, and if you call Good Charlotte posers just because everyone else does, you're technically THEE poser, because you're being a conformist. I don't like Good Charlotte anyway, but people need to stop bashing them.
Dumbass Poser: lolz I lyk My chemical romance im sooo punk now. wots ur favorite band?

Me: Alice In Chains


Me: I never even labeled myself, so technically I am not a "poser".


Me: um Okay...So...what is your favorite songs by My Chemical Romance?

Dumbass Poser: um...i lyk all of them:)

Me: Suuure you do.
by AliceInChainsRock May 04, 2006

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I am not a fan of Good Charlotte, I am just standing up for them. I don't like Good Charlotte's music but, there is absolutely no reason to bash them. People bash them for being "posers", which is invalid, Good Charlotte made the anthem as a suggestion for people to stop following trends. They weren't posing to anything. People accuse them for being posers, so other people will think that person is cool. This is a sad attempt for attention and it is called raising social status. This person isn't a fan of music. Because A TRUE FAN OF MUSIC would enjoy band and wouldn't judge bands by what someone else says. Bashing bands doesn't make you look like a badass with superior music knowledge, it makes you look like a dumbass fad follower. These people that bash bands are the true posers, not Good Charlotte.
Good Charlotte are a simple and lax band, when the wannabe vampires of My Chemical Romance get more respect than them.
by AliceInChainsRock July 13, 2006

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Stupid anime watched by stupid immature perverted wapanese boys in their early teens. They love the kagamay bitch and the keekeeoh girl. They most likely jack off everytime they watch it and pretend that they're Inuyasha screwing them. They love to go on Quizilla and make things like WHO IS THE HOTTEST CHARACTER?! WHICH CHARACTER R U?!!?!??! and IS INUYASHA HOTT????!!

I've been watching Inuyasha for a couple months now to see what the hype is all about and its so pointless and repetetive. The whore Kagamay or however you spell her damn name, always gets captured by a shitty, unscary demon, then Inuyasha comes and saves her. It's pretty much the same bullcrap you see in the episode before, except with a different outcome but still damn repetetive. They look for some pinkish diamonds they call "jewel shards", and hardly ever seem to find them. And when they do they always get stolen by some demon. Its repetetive bullcrap alright. I say don't even waste your time watching this dumb Anime. I can't believe people actually like this bull.
I swear Inuyasha is the most stupidest, most pointless Anime I've ever seen in my life. To understand the point in Inuyasha you must be high.
by AliceInChainsRock May 03, 2006

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