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A combination of the words journal and article. Used by efficient college students to manage time more effectively. Comes in handy when complaining about school work to friends and family.
In casual conversation...

Randy: Hey Bill, you want to get crunk tonight?

Bill: Fo sho Randy! I just have to read 6 journicles for my women in the workplace seminar. I hate reading journicles.

Randy: Just use the journicle abstracts and pretend you read them.

Bill: I do, I do use the journicle abstracts, but even those are whack

In class...

Professor: Alright guys since the last essay I assigned credited wikipedia more times then Britney Spears has lost custody of her kids I'm going to require at least 8 acredited journal article citations.

Student: Ummmm.. Don't you mean 8 acredited journicles?
by Alice Newton November 13, 2007
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1.(from the show scrubs) A girl actually named 'debbie'

2. A term of endearment between apathetic or lazy friends

3. A revolting beast that looks more like a pig wearing makeup than something with 23 chromosomes
1. (from scrubs)

Dr. Kelso: (To the new interns) Listen up, faces. In order to save us all some time I will call all the males Daves and all the females Debbies.
Intern: Debbie's actually my name!
Dr. Kelso: Then out of fairness to the others, you will be Slagathor. Daves, Debbies, Slagathor, I will be in my office, if you need anything, feel free to bother Dorian

2. As a term of endearment

mandie: "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck"
alice: "Is that my little slagathor?"

3. For a she/he beast

mandie: "whooaaaaaa it looks like your brother got slagathor-itis"
alice: "no, thats called bells palsy"
by Alice Newton November 13, 2007
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