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It can also be used as a derogatory manner to justify why God doesn't help a particular region or country struggling to overcome economic, environmental, political or social hardships.

This could be applied to much of the Bible Belt, New Jersey, South America, as stated in an episode of American Dad, war torn Africa, some of Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and much of Missouri with the exception of cities of St. Louis and Kansas City and their respective suburbs.
1.) Person A: "Why did God allow a tsunami to kill 230,000 people in Southeast Asia in 2004?"

Person B: "Oh that's God's blind spot, he doesn't care about that area."

2.) Person A: "New Jersey is so dirty!"

Person B: "Yeah that's God's blind spot, he gave up on New Jersey a long time ago."

3.) Person A: "Hooray, the St. Louis Cardinals won the 2006 World Series!"

Person B: "Well that just shows you that there are a few parts of Missouri that aren't in God's blind spot."
by Alex Davis January 05, 2008

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An adjective for a long piece of wood that has holes drilled into it that pirates use as a dutch wife to release sexual tension. Each hole is drilled approximately one body length apart so a long line of pirates can sodomize the wood simultaneously. The resulting effect is that the wood used to pleasure the pirates has become covered in cum. When the piece of wood no longer retains its natural rigidness, it is said to be "cum-logged."
Aargh matey, that bit of wood is cum-logged. Throw it overboard to Davy Jones's locker and put in a new piece of wood. Pirates want a dutch wife that isn't a big soggy mess, they like a little bit of roughness they do. Aargh!
by Alex Davis March 28, 2008

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