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a form of virtual sex; a sexual intercourse but done remotely and verbally, i.e. two people talk by phone and their deliberate choice of words (as well as intonation, tone of voice) is intended to produce sexual arousal of the party talked to. As a follow-up to its verbal level, phone sex can be connected with masturbation; in its other version, phone sex is synonymous to an act of masturbation being described and commented on over the phone to turn the other party on.
She went on how she liked doing it and he gave her his hot load of words that touched her almost like his hands did when they made love yesterday, and all that made her nipples grow harder and harder. In fact, they spent an hour on the phone indulging in phone sex.
by Aleph May 29, 2006
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money paid to someone to buy their silence, to prevent them from revealing or making public something secret one does not wish to come out;
or just putting it straight and plain: money paid to someone for keeping their mouth shut, a bribe for somebody's silence.
She's been given enough hush money to keep her mouth shut till the end of the world and even a day longer, at least that's what she said. But you know women and alcohol - a dangerous combination of the two: at Peter's party last week she had had a drink or two too much and she let the cat out of the bag.
by Aleph June 4, 2006
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